Our products are available in our booth (April to November) at the Lane County Farmers market in Eugene, Oregon.  Also, at the Lane County Holiday Market from late November to mid-December. Our quince paste is in a 10.6 ounce plastic tub and has a shelf life of one year. The ingredients are certified organic quince, certified organic cane sugar, and certified organic lemon juice. The quince butter has the same ingredients but has been processed for less time and therefore is spreadable rather than set up like the block of quince paste.

We currently offer two products... 



We at San Carlos Quince are proud to announce that our organic quince paste was a winner in the national Good Food Awards for 2018.

The Good Food Awards people judged 2057 entries in a blind taste competition with a panel of over 300 judges. High scoring entries were further vetted to assure that producers met the highest sustainability and social responsibility criteria.

We at San Carlos are humbled to be included in the small list of the finest producers of gourmet foods in the USA!