Home to the finest handcrafted organic quince paste available anywhere! And the only made in the USA organic quince paste!  

Our long mild Oregon summers with cool nights produce some of the most aromatic quinces to be found anywhere in the world. We grow six varieties of quince, with “Pineapple” and its wonderful namesake aroma as the dominant variety. 


We pick our certified organic quinces in October at their peak ripeness and make quince paste the old fashioned way, always in small batches in our licensed farm kitchen.  With our Tilth certified organic quinces, certified organic cane sugar, and certified organic lemon juice, you can be assured you are getting the best quince paste money can buy.

If you already know quince paste from your travels to the Mediterranean,  or other parts of the world where it is king, we know we need say no more.   For those that have yet to succumb,  let us suggest that a slice of quince paste on a hot english muffin  (with or without a slice of manchego cheese) is heaven!